Kast met potten vol oude traditionele pigmenten om olieverf en drukinkt mee te maken

The colour cupboard in my studio where i keep my pigments for my oilpaints and printing ink.

I prefer hand made - and often i'd use a mix of standard manifactured inks and self-made.

kistje met drukinkt-tubes zoals ik mijn drukinkten klaar maak


- ČIURLIONIS, Landscape and Colour Project -

(some thought)



beginning with a series of wood cuts
made after sketches that I did after the coastal landscape: Palanga, Neringa, and the Curonian Spit

Palanga nr. 1


Palanga nr. 2


Lithuanian Coastal area


Lithuanian Coastla landscape


Lithuanian coastal landscape


The Curonian Spit


Curonian Spit Dunes


Seas scape


Sandy banks


Evening Dunes


Evening Dunes and sea


Printing is and for me will allways be a strange adventure between the arts and the crafts
having a press makes it unmistably 'more crafty'.
This being the last time I work on my own press makes me feel somewhat melancholic
on the other hand painting is so much more direct an free that I can look forward to that again.

Geel drukken op de Korrex



When on a concert tour - invited by the Pažaislio Muzikos Festivalis making a beginning of an exchange between Dutch and Lithuanian musucians/artists, and as an opening moove to introduce Dutch 'beiaardiers' (carillon-players) to the carillons of Lithuania, we were a small group of four musicians:
Gerda Peters, Gijsbert kok, Bauke Reitsma, Auke de Boer and myself, Joseph J. Visser, as a composer/visual artist; 
I work together with Kestutis Vasiliunas as 'go between' of Dutch and Lithuanian artists ever since such initiative of Kestutis in 2009.
We had as series of exhibitions and projects in the Academy in Vilnius (where Kestutis has a post as a professor in the Book Arts department) and the Frysian Graphics Museum (where I had a post as a curator for some 13 years)

Bauke Reitsma, Auke de Boer and Joseph J. Visser made up the first group to play concerts:
- in Vilnius; Dominican church (a new, 2016, Royal Eijsbouts carillon; 5 octaves, 61 bells, B-flat0 C1 to C6)
- Kaunas; Vytautas-Museum (a Belgian, 1935 carillon, having been restaured and enlarged to the Royal Eijsbouts carillon of 2006).

I am not a player to the instrument.
I am happy to have my compositions performed by these two internationally renowned campanologists, as indeed it was at these concerts.

Bauke was new to Lithuania.

Auke had been there earlier,
having played the bells of the Kaunas carillon in 2014, as part of my lectures to the Academy of Arts.; he played Music of older Dutch composers, some of my work,a new piece by Danish artist Hanne Matthiesen and a piece by the Bulgarian composer Julia Tsenova.

I had been introduced to Lithuania by Kestutis Vasiliunas in 2009 when Vilnius was appointed
Cultural Capital of Europe
and I was a temp. lecturer to the Department of Book Arts
to the Vilnius Academy of Arts (erected 1793) – 
by my colleague in visual arts / the graphical arts, and book arts
Kestutis Vasiliunas;
we both specialize in artist's-books.