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 Joseph J. Visser: Artist's-Books 2012/13 - one

a theatre mood book with the original woodblock-prints

Having been asked by Cecilia Giampaoli on behalf of KAUS-Urbino
to join a project in the Rossini Oper Festival (ROF) in his capacities of
both composer and (free graphic) artist Joop started his research
on Rossini's musical heritage from his studio in Easterlittens
mainly to have his hands free when later on staying in Urbino
for a series of woodcuts cut directly on the spot whith the fresh experience
of the landscape before his eyes.

affiche Cecilia Giampaoli

As an opera to work on 'Signor Bruschino', being staged in the season, was chosen.

The book 'Il Signor Bruschino' has been finished in 2013 - it has been presented for the first time at the
Mainzer Minipressen Messe
of that year.

Il Signor Bruschino
a mood book

Starting in 2012, when in Pesaro/Urbino, this 'picture book' is now finaly finished; the plates cut in Urbino Italy, the pages (70x100cms) printed on the large format releifpress at Berger's in Horn Austria, and now finaly 'assembled' and bound in Easterlittens The Netherlands

Joop: "In preparation I have in fact gone through a lot of Rossini studies; indeed coming to a fair few conclusions away from the obvious: ROSSINI, the man is a great deal more than you think; well ok, so is anything that you put your mind to - but this was a real positive experience, with the friendliest man in most difficult artistic circles. What is most remarkable about him is his friendly and open attitude towards all other artists, really seeing after their welfare, and giving new artistic ideas that he knew were worthwhile to others probably even more than to himself - given the things he was doing at the time - away in all detail so that they might find use for them and develop these for art's sake."


Omslag Il Signor Bruschino

Print and stage curtains


Rossini Artist's-Book Sofia and Florville pages

Artist's-Book Rossini with the pages of Gauden`io and Bruschino senior in woodcut


The prints here, taken directly from the 70x100cm woodblocks, are unique prints (no edition)




Bruschino Junior
Bruschino Junior

Bruschino Senior:
Bruschino senior


New Pages:




Pages before 2013:




Coastal Pieces Etc.



Rossini Affiche van JoopThe print to be used as a bill board for 'Il Signor Bruschino' has been printed form 6 strips that are 10 centimeters wide, coming form the woodcuts that show the whole figures - six of them, being the figeres in the opera. In fact as such these strips make a operatic-theatrically moving picture.

At the same time the pieces (left and right of the woodblocks) would show the more sinistre characters, these have been used for the book, showing the essential stage props, the window shutters that make perfect (rood) screens.

As an introduction to the people in Urbino Joop was mentioned as:
Joseph Johannes Visser nasce a Sneek, Olanda, nel 1946.
È artista energico ed eclettico: incisore, designer, scultore, pittore e compositore di musica da camera e per il teatro (Nederlands Toonkunstenaars Register), poeta e drammaturgo, saggista e studioso di libri d’artista.
Si diploma presso la Rijks Academie van Beeldende Kunsten di Amsterdam dove nel 1971 riceve il titolo di master printer. Partecipa ad esposizioni ed esegue concerti in diverse città europee, americane, australiane e giapponesi. Dal 1980 al 1985 insegna presso l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Kampen. È fondatore di Atelier It Plein 19; i libri d’artista realizzati nello studio vengono esposti in tutto il mondo. È fondatore e Presidente della Book/Work/Research Trust ed è curatore del Frisian Graphic Arts Museum.

Horn Austria:

Druckerei Museum Berger



The Rossini printing project