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 Joseph J. Visser: Artist's-Books 2012/13 - two



The cover og the book; a hand made wooden cover with the original block as an inlay
both sides of the book have one original block sewn in on the cover;
guarantee for a limited edition


'From the garden at Vicarage Farm and views from Slade Lane, Rogate,
over River Rother up to the Harting Downs and West Dean Woods, 2012'


'The Brows, Brass Point and the Hills'

The blocks for the woodcuts after having been printed
some of the blocks in the studio after being printed

All blocks were cut in the most direct way on the spot without making a mirror image,
so the blocks are in some sense the originals - as is so often in the graphic arts.

All woodcut and led typeface; printed at the studio in Easterlittens:
Atelier It Plein 19

The book 'FROM the GARDEN at SLADE LANE' has been finished in 2013 - it has been presented for the first time at the
Mainzer Minipressen Messe
of that year.

"The area between the North and South Downs and indeed the Downs themselves are deeply familiar to me both on bicycle as on foot, and of course traveling by car.

All this as a result of a warm and long lasting friendship with Kai and David who have not only had me as their silly guest cutting passe partouts for his exhibitions they had organized, but also as the one that made dry points and etchings in their mother's cheese making shed, leaving them with clouds of paper-dots in the rooms as a result of making 'books' for the music-box, and all sorts of frivolous bits of wood coming from the blocks for wood-printing.

Tent Atelier voor houtsnedes

One of the finest walks I had in this area was with Ludi from Harting Down to Arundel in a few days, with stays in local pubs, in the 1980's.

It will be impossible to forget the evening meal we had in Amberley;
more especially for the monks that were at the end of the long table, who were - in the most mediaeval of ways - thouroughly enjoying their meal, just as we were:
fresh trout from the Arun and the best of local beers.

Good thing the last bit of the walk to Arundel was on the river bank the next day.


Bird in the bush of Slade Lane


Slade Lane a hollow road

Slade Lane is an ancient hollow road; alive with wild life that has been there for eversince mankind appeared to watch it, and before.
Sadly, I'm afraid, I must speak of the past where badgers are concerned, but I have been so lucky to have seen them, young and all in the garden at night (thanks Kai!)

Woodcuts Slade Lane

Cow peeping through hedge

In all there are some 30 prints in this book

Trees in garden at slate Lane


Small and lager picture Slade Lane



Views high over The Harting Downs and West Dean Woods


a view from deap in the darker hollow road bits of Slade Lane

Badger's Drift Slade Lane

In loving memory of the Badgers that have lived and shaped these slopes.

Oude appelboompjes en koeien die de oude appeltjes heerlijk vinden.

Apple trees and cows

Slade and Farms nearby

Garden seat and cows



The White Cliffs











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walks around Harting Down


Arundel Castle