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Woodblocks in the Studio at Atelier It Plein 19 in Easterlittens just before packing for Horn The blocks in the studio Atelier It Plein 19, Easterlittens, The Netherlands,

just before packing for Austria:

The piano music you hear is the piece 'Between the Mainland and the Western Isles' by Joseph John Visser played by Yurii Khomskii at the special BuchKunstBiennale XXI, 2012, Concert


The studio in Horn, Austria print sessions ongoing during the BuchKunstBiennale 2014; for an Austrian-radio interview on the former Biennale: Interviews during the BuchKunstBiennale

Studio in Horn . Studio In Horn . Joop when printing in the studio in horn . Joop giving ink in the studio in horn . Some Blocks in the corridor from the Studio on to the exhibition quarters .

Presentation BuchKunstBiennale Horn 2014 . Presentatie BuchKunstBiennale Horn 2014 . Pesentation Milev's Septemvri at the BuchKunstBiennale Horn 2014 . Book cases BuchKunstBiennale Horn 2014 . Books by Joop in his stand at the BuchKunstBiennale Horn 2014 .


(black and white picture by Kristina Sandulova)

The presentation in Vienna, as part of the BuchKunstBiennale 2014, in the Khomskii-Sandulova residence

The presentation of the woodblock prints for the artist's-book 'SCOTCH POEBBLES' as part of the concert with the music  for the concert at Währingerstrass 68, Top 17, the Khomskii/Sandulova Residence in Vienna 

Joseph J. Visser: Artist's-Books 2014

- Woodblock prints on Scottish rivers and waterfalls -


Titeltblad 'Scotch Pebbles'
'Scotch pebbles' are - in a more common sense - half precious (and even less precious when regarded 'very nice' gem stones) stones found in Scotland; more often - and seriously - Scotch Pebbles are varieties of agate and jasper.


The prints for the series -Scotch Pebbles- (making the artist's-book with the same name, which is also the name for the project that started years ago mainly with shorter series of piano and carillon compositions - some had their premières at the townhall in Dokkum and at the private concert room of the Tamboer family in Amsterdam, and during the 2012 BuchKunstBiennale XXI, Horn, Austria) have been printed as a one-off during the opening week for the BuchKunstBiennale XXII, Kunsthaus Horn 2014 (Österreich). These prints are hand-rubbed on Insho-Kozu (some 62x95 centimeters, hand made Chinese mulberry paper). These are in fact sketches on iconic Scotch rivers / waterfalls that cut directly in plywood in the early weeks of May 2014;
I have used water and oil based inks.


. . . Rock In the Falls of River Braan at Dunkeld


Eas A' Bhradain, Skey, Loch A innort . . . Eas A' Bhradain, Skye, Loch A innort


Eas A' Bhradain, Skye, Loch A innort 2 . . . Eas A' Bhradain, Skye, Loch A innort 2


Glass Alt - Falls, near the Royal Lodge . . . Glass Alt Falls, near the Royal Lodge


Skey, Kilt Rock Mealt . . . Skye, Kilt Rock Mealt


Glass Alt - Falls, rock . . . Glass Alt - Falls, rock


Glass Alt - Falls, layers . . . Glass Alt - Falls, Layers


Salmon, upstream . . . Salmon, upstream


Caldron Falls, river Devon . . . Caldron Falls, river Devon





Presented 29th of May 2014 at Währingerstraße 68, Top 17 - the Khomskii/Sandulova residence - Wien, Österreich, as an installation

The installation Scotch Pebbles at Währingerstraße 68 Wien

as part of a concert of music by Joseph J. Visser; playing were Yurii Khomskii

and the composer;

encores were by Klara Khomskii on the piano and Marin Khomskii on the violin and Kristina Sandulova Piano

Installation at Waeringerstrasse 68 . Installation Waeringerstrasse 68 . Installation Waeringerstrasse 68 . Installation Waeringerstrasse . Marin on violin at Waeringerstrasse 68 .

Installation Waeringerstrasse 68 . Klara playing the piano at Waeringerstrasse 68 . Installation Waeringerstrasse68 . Installation Waeringerstrasse 68 . Installation Waeringerstrasse 68 .


Kristina and Joop having a conversation before the concert at Waeringerstrasse 68 .

Kristina and Joop caught in conversation & Joop reading from Milev's 'SEPTEMVRI'

Joop Reading from Milev's Septemvri



All blocks were cut in a most direct way, be it in the studio from memory and with the help of sketches made sketch whilst walking - sometimes years ago - when visiting the area on camping tours; the images were mirrored 'mind-ways'.

premières (piano pieces played by Yurii Khomskii and Kristina Sandulova)


Woodblock for print . Woodblock for print Kilt Rock . Block for Rock Layers . Woodblock for waterfall near Royal Lodge . Woodblock for Salmon print
The blocks are in some sense the originals - as is so often in the graphic arts.


HOME . . . Joop explaning here at Währingerstrasse 68 with Kristina Sandulova and Yurii Khomski,

and at the 'Piaristencloister' in Horn:
Our rooms at the KUNSTHAUS Horn - - -
as guest of the Kunstverein Horn -

Court Yard at the Kunsthaus Horn . In our private room .

Private room . entrance private room .

View from the pirvate windows