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 Joseph J. Visser: Artist's-Books 2012/13

- San Polo -
- Views from the Hanging Gardens of the former Cloister of Santa Chiara-


View in the earliest of morning in to the valley of the Metauro
The early morning revealing the 'Vale Metauro'


View from the cloister gardens, over the hills on to the Mare Adriatico
An early morning view Eastward from the 'Giardini Pensile', over the hills on to the 'Mare Adriatico'


Vicoli di San Polo


Vedute della val Metauro dal giardino pensile del monasterio S. Chiara.
Incise dal vero su mattrice di legno di file;
Urbino 15/19 Maggio 2012.

These two series of woodcuts have been cut on the spot when working on the
Progetto ROS / Rossini Opera Stampa 2012

see also:
the movie of the works in progress and the artists involved


The blocks were printed in the studio: ATELIER IT PLEIN 19 in 2013, and bound by hand


All blocks were cut in the most direct way on the spot without making a mirror image,
so the blocks are in some sense the originals - as this is so often in the graphic arts.

All woodcut and led typeface; printed at the studio in Easterlittens:
Atelier It Plein 19

The books

Vicoli di San Polo


Vedute della val Metauro dal giardino pensile del monasterio S. Chiara.

have been finished in 2013 - they were presented for the first time at the
Mainzer Minipressen Messe
of that year.

Er is een Nederlands dagboek over de periode en omstandigheden waarin en waaronder de prenten tot stand kwamen te vinden onder de kop Kalenders - meer speciaal 2013 -
Het daar aan te treffen dagboek in pdf-formaat is eenvoudig te downloaden; het is een dagboek over een jaar in het leven van de kunstenaar Joseph J. Visser, dat begint in Vilnius Litouwen om verder te vertellen over de werkperioden in Litouwen, Italië, Oostenrijk en Engeland van 2012 en 3013

Vale Metauro


Vale Metauro


Vale Metauro


Vale Metauro


Vale Metaur


Vale Metauro


Vale Metauro


Vale Metauro


Vale Metauro


Vale Metauro




Vicolo in San Polo, Urbino

Een kleine serie foto's gemaakt met een mobieltje in de wijk San Polo (zoals ze door de bewoners wordt genoemd) in Urbino; het is de wijk waarin Joop Visser verbleef tijdens het werken aan het progetto ROS

straatjes in San Polo, Urbino

alleys in San Polo, Urbino

Kleine strassen in San Polo, Urbino

Straatje San Polo, Urbino

straatjes rond de oude santa Chiara, Urbino

street and university entrance Urbino

Vicole in San Polo, Urbino

Straatje bij de oude Santa Chiara

Via Aurelio Saffi

Aurelio Saffi, Urbino




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Coastal Pieces Etc.



Italy is famous for the washing lines between the houses; well on a critical note, though I have learned that being critical is not alowed - see it as a joke: this picture that seems to be in everybody's mind comes from small streets that never dry unless in some month in summer (or at least so I was told), left alone the bed sheets that hang in there for days on end.


Urbino most certainly is one of Europe's highlights, and worth a visit - be it that it needs some understanding of the history of culture, the arts and philosophy, to see what is indeed so important about it.

Staying in 'Le Marche', as the region is called where Urbino is in, and paying a visit to the many small towns and villages - and even more importantly, see the landscape almost been made by the rivers, makes a visit thoroughly worth it.
The culinairy excitement you can find in this region of Italy is far to often underestimated.



In elk omslag van de boeken zijn twee van de originele blokken ingenaaid. De boeken bevatten steeds de volledige series:

The Downs

The Cliffs

en de boeken voorgesteld op deze pagina:

Vale Metauro
Vicoli di San Polo

Het blok ingelegd en vastgenaaid in de omslag van het boek

San Polo, chiese


San Polo, Landschap achter de straatjes


San Polo vicoli


San Polo, Vicoli in urbino


Vicoli in San Polo, Urbino


Vicoli in San Polo, Urbino