een Hand Gebonden Kunstenaarsboek '(The) Fairing(s)', the Artist's-Books Workshop,Vilnius 2009 a hand-bound Artist's-Book / le Livre d'Artist / ein handgebundenes Künstler Buch / Mahler Buch

1. A 'fairing' is a gift. More precisely: a 'fairing' is a present given at or brought from a fair. 2. A 'fairing' is a thin cake made of sugar and butter.

3. 'Fairing' is making the surface of an aeroplane smooth and streamlike. More generally it is used for the process of streamlining.



Mystery Making:



A cut or a fold, pictures change, everything changes when the paper changes it's size.

'if you don't know the joy of folding you missed the essetials of kindergarten'


(sketches, book and photograph by the artist)

can be


'opening' can be different from 'unfolding' - the 'adventure' of unfolding can be part of the essential experience of going in to the book



Friends working in the Atelier It Plein 19 on a small project; (all) photographs made by J.J. Visser





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The ready product



Three dimensional things change when one looks apon it from another angle

popup design for Forum Book Art exhibition on the Frankfurt Book Fair by J.J.V.