een Hand Gebonden Kunstenaarsboek '(The) Fairing(s)', the Artist's-Books Workshop,Vilnius 2009 a hand-bound Artist's-Book / le Livre d'Artist / ein handgebundenes Künstler Buch / Mahler Buch

1. A 'fairing' is a gift. More precisely: a 'fairing' is a present given at or brought from a fair. 2. A 'fairing' is a thin cake made of sugar and butter.

3. 'Fairing' is making the surface of an aeroplane smooth and streamlike. More generally it is used for the process of streamlining.

The mysterious world of:


Pictures of the second glance.
"It is funny to see how something can get 'mysterious' and 'distiguished' only because it is
'cleverly hidden', and 'classy' for being 'personalized'.
It must have much to do with human nature, and all you can think of when seeing words like: signature - significant."
"He who puts his mark not just on the paper, but indefeasibly ìn the actual substance
must be of great importance."

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