De daktuin wordt steeds voller, zaailingen komen op en er is zelfs al bloei.

- This being front of 'ouse -
for the shrubs and trees - hazel and walnut - that are planted by us over the years and provide us with the proverbial plenty, one might consider it to be called "Nutter's Cot" - the builders of the house (the barbour and tailer, locally called 'the anarchist' as he did not entirely give in to all the traditions) had, when building in 1933, two trees planted: an oak and an ash at the back of the house. For these two we are thankful and they are 'our pride' now, so "Oak 'n Ash Cottage" would please us fair enough.


you would not be surprised to see such at back
(sorry for the northern accent, must be the plodd'n)

so many things starting small -



It may have taken a 'bit of work', but after a long and snowy winter (without drippings where one were not to like that, most certainly; let's say it now:
no more leakage!) we are glad to see how things get on now,
and hope for the trees (that never loved the heat coming from the bitumous roof) to appreciate all this in whatever way they can be appreciative.

Een oude wens omgezet in praktijk; als gevolg van een eenvoudige afweging betreffende geld in combinatie met een aangenaam ideaal; en iets van goede bouw en isolatie (dat trouwens al optimaal was met steenwol dekens van 20 tot 30 cm op dak - nogal merkbaar binnen - en 20 cm tussen de dubbele houten balken muren die zo ook weer helemaal geisoleerd zijn; kortom: 'het schuurtje', waarin het goed toeven is).

April 2010

With many hopes for the future.
All this with a little help of dear friend Andre, who was there when the basic rubber-material had to be brought up on the roof,
and was there again with a bit of seed for plants that should thrive here.


This is the
window that is in
the wooden annex
under the
'new garden'
in the early days
of spring.


To our great
after a long winter
with many month of
unusual snow
on the roof
right in front
of our bedroom
and only a few weeks later we found this:

June/July gives us, and the many insects now:

whilst our lady-duck is on her second nest




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