een Hand Gebonden Kunstenaarsboek '(The) Fairing(s)', the Artist's-Books Workshop,Vilnius 2009 a hand-bound Artist's-Book / le Livre d'Artist / ein handgebundenes Künstler Buch / Mahler Buch


daylies of

the International Artist's-Books Workshop Vilnius

'real time' 21 - 10 - 2009

'Home made papers'

Mornings are mornings, but the places differ.
This place has all the potentials for 'beauty'

I'm told paper is to be made as near as possible to the clean water of a river,
well now, how about this for a location.

To be honnest I should think that the only paper-making thing that has a direct relation with this river is the sewer taking drained water from my paper into the river - again.

The 'undertaking' that gets me a woolen blanket is more difficult than expected, but the thing costs only 30 Euro's so what could I complain about.
I feel a bit guilty when cutting it up into pieces of a right size for my paper.
That is to say, it does not exactly work like a woolen blanket. But it should probably be washed a few times, something I have no time for now.
Anyway things work (with a little help)

My humble shed (isn't that where paper is supposed to be made) is getting some romantic flavour - rightly or wrongly


The whole thing gets started and those students that take an interest in the paper making have all seen and done - by themselves - some sheets, so up to the next stage - in some other life, as my time is shorter and shorter here.

Made a home visit to Giedrius Jonaitis, the artist, and professor in the academy that helps me getting things like a knife, a mixer (not at all simpel to get things like that apparently).
He is the artist that is responsible for a fair few bank notes in this country. The currency in circulation at present was designed by several authors.
1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 500 litas banknotes were designed by the artist Giedrius Jonaitis, the 50 litas banknote by Giedrius Jonaitis and Rimvydas Bartkus, 100 and 200 litas banknotes by Rytis Valantinas.
Giedrius tells of the experiences that come with developing a design into the real thing, such as the engraving and printing - most of the last bit, with a differing successes, being executed in England.
I'm glad to make arangements with him for an exhibition in the Fries Grafisch Museum.

Some older prints, ex Libris' to be correct by Giedrius Jonaitis , showing here just for the fun of it.
Most of his later work has developed into three dimensional objects and reliefs.

The three of us, Wayne Crothers, Giedrius and myself, visit some local galleries that have a mixe of quality in the exhibitions. I'm somewhat surprised to find an exhibition here - of Italian art - that I have seen parts of earlier this year 'on tour' in Durgerdam, near Amsterdam when I had a concert there with my musical friends Louis Levelt, Cees Hiep and Pieter van Weydom Claterbos.
The next day he brings me a paper bag with cuttings of the old money to play with, something that I am of course greatful for, as it gives this paper we are making something special - couleur local - from this special place.

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