een Hand Gebonden Kunstenaarsboek '(The) Fairing(s)', the Artist's-Books Workshop,Vilnius 2009 a hand-bound Artist's-Book / le Livre d'Artist / ein handgebundenes Künstler Buch / Mahler Buch


daylies of

the International Artist's-Books Workshop

'real time' 16, 17, 18 - 10 - 2009

This is a weekend for a bus-tour with 'the foreigners': two Australians, a Japanese girl, a Chinese guy, the four Koreans, and the four Dutch, with our dear guide Kestutis Vasiliunas heavily suffering between us, as a laughing bunch, and a most stubborn driver that seems to do everything that is in his power to fight his very own GPS car navigation system, succesful - but difficult to understand.
There is a bit of snow left, though withering, in the country side; somehow the weather is fine (for October that is) and it is warm enough. Shrubs in the vilages are still all green, the woods - and there's a lot of that - are perfectly autumnly.

A Bell-Stool like this does remind me of Friesland, not just because the weather being what it is.

History is a difficult thing in which yesterday's events, when mainly to blame to 'the others, seem so much more 'the course of all evil' than any deeper course in which we ourselves may be involved, when we can bring ourselves to see the blames in 'us'. All deep-rooted nationalist movements that lead up to the distruction of countries and cultures, and inhumain horrors towards peoples and nations of the First and Second World Wars seem to have been forgotten when talking about the Russians here (there, and everywhere; * all rights to The Beatles). I hold my breathe, knowing the 20-years-Berlin-wall-thing coming up, whilst some 'Siegfried-line' has been forgotten in the foggs of time (and, dear me, don't you start getting on about the Mauer-muur near Haarlem where we lost fine people like Hannie Schaft). Nobody seems to have any idea of what there was to rebuilt since 1946 (and has indeed been rebuilt) in this and all these other countries that were not at all free from involvement in nazi-German practises. And yes, these buildings for all people that were equal, it may not always have been my cup of tea. And 'people being equal' may, as an idea, have changed into rather a disadvantage than an advantage, but I like to point at the luxury that is hidden in that.

As things stand now -that is in crying-out-loud public opinion in Lithuania as wel as in The Netherlands - the Roman Catholic Church has never even known it's inquisition, and hundreds of years of war in Central Europe and the blasphemously terror of the IRA - or the bloody Protestants for all that matters - 'against injustice' in Northern-Ireland, or the Basque countries. This church would hold the key to the peace as we would know it. Indeed, so help us God. Funny to see all other Christians (especially those in Northern-Ireland) clapping hands in a chorus when Christianity is almost mentioned as being the proverbial 'Axe in the hands of the Good'; axe indeed!
No, thank you! Europe, the Europe that would have any future is a Humane Europe, and can do well without 'higher values'.
If you have an hour or so, please tell me of the 'higher values' and the 'good they have done'; I might have a respectful ear, but I might also keep to my ideas as I value a practical approach, ok probably not to highly an aim, towards a humane Europe a more useful one than those million individual aims that are to find 'the one and only truth'; that 'truth' that history has over and over again showed us to be a 'truth' that is worth killing (probably then not 'thy neighbour'?) for.
Having thought and said that, I am able to show a picture of this most famous 'Cross-Hill'.

Sorry, with all due respect, these places make me sick. I feel that as soon as my inner believes have a need for such outer manifestations they need repair.
That applies to 'freedom' just the same. When I see statues of freedom where angelic-girls try to keep many a ton of steel/concreet feather aloft, I cannot help myself but think: "If freedom is to be weight in kilo's it is not worth having";
so, here on the Curonian Spit, with our backs to Kaliningrad:

We (Joseph J. Visser and Chang-Soo Kim) certainly do have our two main fingers (to shoot an arrow from our long-bows)

The evenings were most splendid, at the sea-shores in Palanga

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