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 Joseph J. Visser: architecture


this little more than
"the organization of horizontal and vertical transport"



An explicit use of Texture in Architecture has for a long time been a special field of study; much as a result of the earlier mentioned point of people being distracted from their path by the many influences coming from grander and tinier, both from sound and visual impulses.





Going from one place to another is 'an adventure' involving experiences of space, colour, light, climate, sound, strength and the idea of possible interference in all those aspects by ourselves.





Architecture is the action that makes 'FORESTEM SILVAM' into 'HOME';
as such it is hostile to nature.

It is Joseph's conviction that we should act upon all that with the greatest of respect as part (if not most) of us is dependent on nature rather than on what we can surpress.
Joop: "Man may fiddle a bit, but man does not hold the key to procreation."

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Texture in Architectural blocks




Texture in Architectural Environment

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