schilderijen in olieverf en waterverf - Joseph Johannes Visser - prenten in ets en drogenaald


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Kingley Vale; a Landscape Triptyche
(95 x 120 cms)
Kingley Vale is the nature trail betweenWest Stoke and Goosehill Camp under protection of the Nature Conservancy Council. Some of the highlights here are the ancient
Yew Trees, some of which are more than 500 years old, old Oak, Juniper, and the Bee Orchid.
Yew has an important history in British life providing for skewers, mill cogs, axles, drinking vessels, floor blocks, furniture, and posts that were to last over fifty years in the ground.
More important than that was its use, and strategic value for 'the grand weapon', the long bow. It is said that the Kingley Vale Grove was planted to commemorate a battle fought and won by the men of Chichester against marauding Vikings in AD 859.
Commemorating the last war is a stand of dead yew trees across the gully. These were killed by riffle fire damaging the, very thin, bark.

Jaulny, Jeanne et Robert des Armoises


Joop has used collage techniques ever since he found the need for using more plates in etching as for colour plates.
This was to be the beginning of and adventure into any kind of mixed media and collage.
Probably not very surprising this was also the beginning of composing in series in a formal way.


Prints (80 x 120 cm) in a mixed technique: etching, relief print, collage and lithography;
with texts by
Sir Walter Scott, and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson - better known as Lewis Carroll.


The Walter Scott and Lewis Carroll series were 'flanked' by a prints taken from / developed from the print 'Lady in a Flemish Cap' (about 35 x 50 cm) (etching -line and aquatint -, dry-point, scraper, and burnisher

Lady in a Flemish Cap . Grieving lady in Flemish hat . Grieving lady crying her eyes out in Fleminsh hat . Grieving lady, chocked, in a Flemish Hat . the grieving lady in a Flemmish hat retreating



Latin Vers;

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Four Doubles; a Group of Prints with text from Il Nome della Rosa by Umberto Eco
(about 97 x 145 cms)


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