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 Joseph Johannes (Joop) Visser:

ECCE HOMO; 6 Songs on Poems by

First World War Poets

for Alto and Church Organ

sketches as played on carillon and celesta

Original recordings of the

Première Performance by:


recording JAAP WAJER
15th of April 2012
in the Lutheran Church, Edam
the organ is built by Gideon Thomas Baetz from Utrecht


All the hills and vales along


A son


Unknown Female Corpse


When you see Millions




In Memoriam (Easter 1915)



Word from the composer:
Mankind has never seen peace.
Though sad it may be that many shall suffer, most would not know another way through the world: gladly blaming the others for such inevitability.
On a very private level we know poets to have criticized this in the earliest of manuscripts.
The poems chosen for the songs on this album come from the works of the ‘War Poets’: the generation of British poets who were soldiers and officers, thus knowing the atrocities first hand, in the First World War – ‘the war to end all wars’.
Such are the poems my mother and her lover shared during their courtship. The pieces are written in loving memory to them.
My mother, with not much more than a basic training in nursing skills though learning fast, organized basic medical care while in the Japanese civilian internees’ camps for women and children in World War II.
My biological father, a surgeon in daily life (no mr. Visser - indeed), came from Scotland, (a rural Scotland he loved very much) in the war serving in long range penetration groups, from 1944 on a special mission going from France to Indonesia, and doing everything he would not do as a deeply caring medician.
Together they initiated a first regional hospital as an extension to his war-time (military) surgical post: “remedy for the loss of the humane qualities on the way”, as he would say.

the Alto Mirjam Boers after the première in Durgerdam
Mirjam Boers after the première.

Alto Mirjam Boers, next to being a conductor of church choirs, specializes in chamber-music.
She has a long working relation with Louis Levelt. In her solo recitals in the Netherlands she specifically concentrates on the fresh, challenging, and never performed music of today.

The organist, Louis Levelt, is a colleague composer - organ player, pianist, and keen performer on harpsichord and virginal.
His personal passion is to be found in his ever growing oeuvre of songs for baritone and alto with piano accompaniment. He is also the organizer of an event in Durgerdam, where new music is presented every year.


Music for Organ - Music for Keyboard - Music for Bells

Composer/visual artist and author Joseph J. Visser, born in The Netherlands 1946.
Writes for bells - more specially carillon - piano, organ, & in fact all keyboard instruments, and voice.
His music is being performed in Europe, America, Japan, and Australia since 1980.
An interesting aspect of his musical practice is his specializing in music-composing for smaller mechanical instruments; expanding to theatrical plays.
Melody (as in his first piece presented for a public, 1979; “Little Garden Tune” for piano and Chinese flute) is his playing field.