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 Joseph J. Visser: Music for Bells
Carillon and Chime

played here on first sight by Auke de Boer

AUKE de BOER playing:

Airs for the old chime of York Minster



Off the British Isles 1

Off the British Isles 2

Off the British Isles 3

Off the British Isles 4

Off the British Isles 5

Off the British Isles 6

Some Lady


two Airs for the old chime of York Minster; here played on the carillon of St. Martin's in Groningen



Joseph J. Visser



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'HANDA Island' a 2014 Composition for Bells by Joseph J. Visser

Played here 'a vue' by Aukde de Boer in 2014
at the carillon of the Town Hall of the Dutch-Frisian City of Dokkum

Music By Julia Tsenova and Hanne Matthiesen played in the Kaunas Concert



organ and voice




Concert in Kaunas of Dutch Carillon Music (best with Safari, Quick Time Player)
pages with movies of live recordings of compositions by J.J. Visser
Concert in Kaunas of Dutch Carillon Music (best with Google Chrome)






14 Canziones
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Jervaulx Abbey, 21 exercises





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