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 'SEPTEMVRI'; a new 3 lingual translation of the poem by Geo Milev; the 1973-2012 project.

Progetto ROS / Rossini Opera Stampa 2012

Progetto ROS (ongoing)

 first three of some 15 CD's with the main body of compositions by J.J. Visser
Off the British Isles & Glen Lyon; for Carillon;
performed by
AUKE de BOER on the carillon of the University of Groningen.
Poems of the First world War Poets, for alto and church organ;
performed by
Julia Tsenova Music & Arts Tribute; the 10-06-2012 Kunsthaus Horn; with Music of Julia Tsenova and Joseph J. Visser played by KRISTINA SANDULOVA and YURII KHOMSKII
'Itinerant'; An Artist's-Book as a contribution to the 5th International Artist's-Book Triennial, Vilnius

Robert Burns for Carillon and String Trios

Scotch Musical Museum for carillon (ongoing)

Geo Milev Lecture Vilnius 2011  

Intern. Artist's-Book workshop Vilnius 2009

Academia Vilnius inform. page


 Slightly suspicious about the word 'project' as it seems to be related to series of art-works that have a general theme and try to dig deeper and deeper into the matter at hand the artist once said
"Over the years I find all projects to have started as free sketches without a purpose, as such I would not be surprised if at the end of my life making art as a way of understanding my surroundings were the project I'm working on."

On this page the sketches for grand piano: 'Le Marche' - Italian landscapes from early sunrise till coffee time. Written in 2013. Première 15th of September 2013, played by Louis Levelt , Amsterdam.

feel free to print and play this music - feel obliged to respect copyright.