Music for Strings by Joseph John (Joop) Visser
on older Scottish Tunes with texts by
Robert Burns from:

To the music

These are to be a succession of pages with music from the 'Scots Musical Museum'
adapted for strings by Joseph J. Visser.
(sadly, though happily, the composer has only, or just, the first three volumes)
The composer has started these pages as part of a celebration of Burns Night, 25th of January 2009,
in fact the 250th aniversary

As The Photograph above shows on the left hand side the letter by Robert Burns to his friend, the editor/publisher
one could not but start with this ever so characteristic note:


'a flower for the bard'

These photographs are taken on the 24th of January 2009.
Just one day before the 250th. celebration of the birthday of

Robert Burns

on the 25th of January

This may not be a Mountain Daisy
- as the one turned down with the plough in April 1786 -
but surely "Cauld blew the bitter-biting north
Upon thy early, humble birth"
of this 'Indian- or Mock Strawberry'
(Potentilla - formerly Duchesnea - indica)
amidst budding Snowdrops.

For as far as ready, the list of trios:

first string trio to the song with the number 157, and illustrations number CLVII

second string trio to the song with the number 77, and illustrations number LXXVII